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Lobbying & Interest Groups in the Scottish Capital

Scroll over the map to find information on the interest groups that lobby the Scottish Parliament.

Commercial versus
Non-Commercial Interests

pie 2.png

60% of interest groups that lobby the Scottish Parliament represent commercial interests.

Breakdown by
Group Type

Companies are the most prevalent group type

Image 8.png

Lobbying by Party

The figure below shows how often different types of groups have lobbied the Scottish Parliament by Party

The Scottish National Party is lobbied more frequently than any other party ... and mainly by Non-commercial interest groups 

Image 6.png

Lobbying Members of the Scottish Parliament

Explore the table below to see which Members of the Scottish Parliament get lobbied the most and by which types of interest groups

Data & Methods

SP Image.png

Data were sourced from the Scottish Parliament's Lobby Register of registrants and information returns. To ensure clarity and comparability, we adopted the coding categories for group types as established by the European Union's Transparency Register coding categories

Download the Data

Please cite as: Chalmers, Adam William, Thomas Aarheim, Stella Schmidt-Ott, & Adith Srinivasan. (2024). "Lobbying & Interest Groups in the Scottish Capital", University of Edinburgh.

Meet the Team

This project could not have been completed without the hard work of the dedicated team of students at the University of Edinburgh. 

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